The ultimate self-defence system for women

Self defence is now in your hands

No self-defence training necessary!

Any one who has ever taken a self-defence class knows that it is difficult to implement the things you learn in real life situations or in case of an emergency. Nevertheless, women need a form of self-defence that can be implemented immediately without years of training. That’s exactly what the Stalkinator offers. Those who have it, will be able to defend themselves against aggressors. The Stalkinator is easy to use, it is effective and it is 100% legal.

The Stalkinator Works!

Stalkinator's "3 in 1" Self Defence System

Step 1: The Alarm

Have you ever been in a situation when you felt someone was following you and you didn’t you know what to do? Now there is an excellent and effective solution for this situation - the Stalkinator. 


The alarm of the Stalkinator is probably the loudest, which had ever been installed in an inconspicuous key chain. When you pull out the safety mechanism on the lower part of the Stalkinator, a penetrating alarm with 30 decibel is triggered. Everyone around you will notice you and the ones you don’t want have in your vicinity, will be immediately discouraged. The alarm does not stop, before you put back the safety pin in its place. There is no better possibility to show the potential "stalker" that you are prepared.

According to police reports in calling attention to yourself in such situations is one of the most effective ways to defend yourself, this is why cars have alarms! With the alarm of the Stalkinator you call attention to yourself with just one step by pulling out the safety mechanism of the Stalkinator. The alarm is your first line of defence.

Step 2: The light

Stalky, the Stalkinator second line of defence is it's extremely bright light. At night you are able to see more, you can keep a close eye on the surroundings and you will be seen by others! Of course you can additionally use the LED light at night to find the keyhole of your car or front door. With the flashlight you will be able to see a radius of over 10 meters. Thus you will be able to identify noises which may come from a larger distance. Together with the alarm you can be sure, that you will see and be seen.

Step 3: The bite

You know the saying: "his bark is worse than his bite"

The Stalkinator bite is much worse than the barking.

The biggest problem with the self defence options for women is that 99 % of these options are completely illegal: Stun guns, brass knuckles, pepper sprays, knives and other weapons are often prohibited to carry with you and even worse can be used against you. With the Stalkinator this is not possible!

The Stalkinator was the first 100% legal self defence key chain availible for women in Europe where the laws are much more strict. The Stalkinators spray reaches up to 5 meters and can be used up to 15 times until it is empty. No "bite“ is more effective against Stalkers than the one of the Stalkinator.

Why is the Stalkinator spray legal?

The spray of the Stalkinator is legal, because it is not filled in by us. Thus there are no limits. Most of our customers fill their Stalkinator with lemon juice which is obviously legal to carry. Anyone who has ever got lemon juice in the eyes by accident, knows how painful it is. You can fill your Stalky with most liquid. The Container is designed so that nothing will leak out until you push the spray

You will not just feel safe underway with the Stalkinator... You will be safe!

14 day 100% money back guarantee!

Discover the feeling of saftey for yourself! Test the Stalkinator for 14 days. If you are not fully convinced that this is the greatest self defence system for women then return it for a 100% no questions asked moneyback guarantee.

The Stalkinator will not only give you the feeling of saftey but also your loved ones!

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