Use Stalkinator To Defend Yourself

The Stalkinator has been designed that it can be refilled and used thousands of times and not only does it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, you can use it with just one hand. If you are in a dangerour situation simply use your thumb to open the lid and the sprayer is right there, no fumbling, and no chance of spraying yourself. Defend yourself quickly and effectively against potential dog attacks and stalkers.


Below you find some recipes to refill your Stalky.

Make your own repellant spray

Lemon juice: The first option is to fill your Stalky with lemon juice.

Lemon juice is 100 % legal to carry anywhere and although it is only citric acid, it is acid and it burns like hell if it gets in your eyes; attacking dogs turn away within seconds, and aggressors will drop to their knees.

Of course you can mix the lemon juice with water, ice and sugar to quench your thirst.





Water and Tabasco®: Have you ever had Tabasco Sauce on your fingers and then rubbed your eye? That is pain! Tabasco Sauce has existed since 1868 and is made of only 3 natural, but eye burning ingedients

Onion juice:When you chop an onion, you chop the cells inside the onion too.Out of these cells enzymes are released. One of these enzymes, the alliinase (allinum, the Latin name for the onion) reacts with a sulphur-like compound, that leaks out as soon as the cells are destroyed, also known as "Prensco". This reaction leads to formation of  acids which are transformed to gas which is what causes

When onion juice gets in the eyes of a dog or an aggressor, the acid reacts within the eyes and they produce a lot of water, or in other words: human and animal begin to cry.

Do you have any great ideas for mixtures? Then share them with us on our facebook page and show the world your ideas for Stalkinator. 

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